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Add On Services

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Collagen Eye Treatment
$15 (5 mins)

Give an instant boost to the delicate skin under your eyes with our collagen eye masks. They are the perfect solution for brightening dark circles, reducing puffiness, and revitalizing the overall appearance of your under-eye area.

Collagen Lip Treatment
$15 (5 mins)

This collagen lip treatment is specifically designed to revive and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a visibly enhanced and youthful appearance for your lips, rehydrating and refining those finer lines.

Collagen Lip and Eye Treatment
$23 (5 mins)
Scalp or Hand Massage
$10 (5 mins)

Enhance your self-care experience by incorporating a soothing element of relaxation into your services. Indulge in your choice of a revitalising scalp massage or a blissful hand massage.

After Brow Wax Soothing Mask
$12 (5 mins)

Add a little extra TLC to your brow services and treat yourself to a soothing post-wax mask to help minimise redness and provide a calming effect.

Foot Soak & Scrub
$18 (10 mins)

Start your appointment on the right foot, immersing your feet in a luxurious soak accompanied by a gentle and revitalising scrub. Allow yourself to unwind and let go as your feet are pampered and rejuvenated.

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