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Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo


First Consultation 
$60 (30 mins)

Welcome to our meet and greet consultation, where we have the opportunity to get acquainted to ensure that SkyeJade Beauty is the perfect choice for you. During this session we'll discuss your medical and cosmetic history to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. We encourage you to ask any questions, share your concerns, and discuss your desired outcome for your brows. This consultation fee is fully redeemable and will be deducted from the total price of your brow tattoo appointment. We want you to feel confident and at ease as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Brow mapping, dye and wax 
$99 (50 mins)

This specialised service is highly recommended for clients seeking a preview of their brow tattoo's potential look before committing to a more permanent option or for clients who have alot of hair growth in the brow area to create a beautiful canvas to work with on the day of your tattoo appointment. During this session, we meticulously map out and measure your brows, providing a precise framework for the upcoming tattoo procedure. You will receive a precision wax and tweezing, ensuring that any stray hairs outside the tattoo area are removed. This pre-tattoo session offers you the opportunity to provide feedback on colour and shape preferences, allowing for any desired adjustments to be made on the day of your tattoo procedure. We prioritise your satisfaction and aim to create a brow transformation that exceeds your expectations. This should be booked between 1-2 weeks before your tattoo appointment.

Ombre Powder Brows (initial treatment)
$499 (2.5 - 3 hours)

Ombre powder brows are a permanent makeup treatment that achieves a soft and shaded effect with a longevity of 1-2 years, before needing a refresh or colour boost. Tiny dots of pigment are delicately implanted into the skin with a hand-held device, creating a beautifully blended and fuller result compared to traditional hair strokes seen in microblading. This technique focuses on enhancing the tails of the brows, which appear darker and gradually fade into a lighter beginning, producing a flawless Ombre makeup effect. Embrace the allure of softly defined brows that exude a perfect balance of elegance and natural beauty.

$180 (1.5 hours)
Ombre Powder Brows Perfecting Session
(required 6-10 weeks after initial appointment)

This is your perfecting session and follow up appointment for your new tattooed brows. This is where we can make sure everything has healed beautifully and correct any pigment that may

Lip Blush (initial treatment)
$399 (2.5 hours)

Define your lip line and embrace a vibrant burst of coluor for your lips. Whether you prefer soft pinks, bold reds, or any shade in between, we're here to create a flawless look with a perfect shade to suit you! Saves yourself time everyday and wake up made-up.

Lip Blush Perfecting Session
$150 (1.5 hours)
(required 6-10 weeks after initial appointment)

Your perfecting session will add in extra colour depth for a beautiful long lasting lip colour and perfect pout!

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